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Moodle is one of the leading open source software package for producing Internet based courses and websites. It allows you with a global development project which is designed to support social framework of education.

Moodle is Open source software released under GNU – General Public license. Moodles is copyrighted  but it allows you with open source freedom which is implementation of the tool and customization of the software as per your requirement.
Moodle is easy to install on any computer with additional PHP and SQL database. Moodle can be run on any Operating system such as Windows or Mac and various other OS of Linux.
The word Moodle was an Acronym of Modular Object oriented Dynamic learning environment, this is mostly used by programmers and education theorist. Moodle is a free and open source E-Learning software platform which is also known as Course Management system or learning management system or Virtual Learning Environment.
The first version of Moodle was released in the year 2002, It was developed by Martin Dougiamas in order to help educators to create online courses with an interactive and collaborative construction of content.
We at Teckzilla provides you with the implementation & customization of Moodle software.


About ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker – work flow management is one of the leading Open source Business processManagement – BPM software specifically created for small and Medium sized businesses. Processmaker helps you in work flow management and automation of all your business processes across all department of your organization.
Processmaker is purely web based BPM and workflow software which simplifies your processes and reduce your paperwork. ProcessMaker allows you to design and create workflows as per your choice. It is so easy to use and customize that a low experience programmer can create end number of processes as per your choice. Another important feature of ProcessMaker is that it allows you to get connected with your existing ERP, CRM or other tools .
We at TeckZilla allow you towards the implementation of ProcessMaker, Training towards creation of workflows and integration of the tool with other software. We have number of years of experience in implementing ProcessMaker for many of our client and for across departments such as Human resources, Administration, Finance to name few.
For more information and demo of this tool you can contact our sales team at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Open Source ERP and CRM Software Service

We at Teckzilla, a leading provider of latest open source software, help our clients to effectively manage their businesses by offering them an opportunity to avail our Enterprise solutions, Sales management software, and work flow tools. All our services, including Odoo, an Open source ERP software, enable them to handle all their vital departments proficiently.
ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is counted amongst the most important tools, when it comes to smooth functions of different business operations and processes in the best possible way. We believe in establishing trustworthy relations with our clients which is why, we provide you with the best Enterprise Resource planing software, an Open source ERP software that consists exceptional features and can also make you achieve your business objectives and goals by fulfilling all your business needs.
We offer our ERP software, Odoo, regardless the size of a business in order to meet numerous capabilities of enterprises that include sales management, customer relationship management, purchase management, Financial Accounting, Warehouse and Inventory management, Payment gateway management, Human resource management, etc.
You can also create a connection with your Amazon stores with the help of Odoo. In addition to this, you can also contact our experts if you need to have integration of Amazon and Odoo (OpenERP). Just like Amazon, we can also integrate eBay stores with Odoo so that you can efficiently carry out eBay payment operation right within Odoo without login into your Ebay account.
Besides providing enterprise tools, Teckzilla also performs the integration process with third party tools and software through customizations in accordance with the requirements of your business or firm. Our experts have years of forte and experience under their hats in creating and implementing business applications of highest enterprise grade. Apart from this, we also offer consulting and business analysis services both on-site and offshore.


CRM – customer Relationship management software is considered as one of the key tools widely used by many organizations across the countries for managing and maintaining sales management and customer relationship. CRM software implementation helps you in efficient and effective communication and interaction with your customers. It also allows you to access information related to a particular customer.

Vtiger CRM is one of the leading open source customer relationship management software used across the organizations. vTiger crm is ideally targeted to small and medium business since it is cost effective and allows you with exclusive customizations to meet your business requirements.

vTiger crm helps you in managing all your sales management, inventory management, salesforce management, marketing & campaign management, lead management and much more. vTiger CRM is purely open source tool and easy to deploy. Another important point of using vTiger crm software is that it allows your sales team to use with the help of internet from any part of the world. Therefore you have real time results and data pouring into the system which further allows you to have quick decision making.