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Our Open source Business software implementation, offering allows you to have a low cost Business tool implemented as per your requirements which allows customizations and integrations.


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We offer you with One of the leading Open source ERP software, CRM and sales management tools or Work flow management software, Apart from these Business solutions we also offers you with customize tool with third party integration. 

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WE offer you with one of the industry best methodology, which has been successfully adopted by companies across the globe. 

OpenSource ERP

  • Enterprise Resource Planning is considered as one of the essential tool towards the smooth functions of your operations annd business processes in effective and efficient manner. Our Open source ERP software is one of the leading Enterprise Resource planing software with extra ordinary features and can help you with your business requirements.

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OpenSource CRM

  • CRM or Customer Relationship software is one of the most important software these days widely used across the organization.  Our open source CRM software provides with cost effectiveness and a proper strategy for your sales team to cope up with lead management, sales management, marketing management, campaign management and so on.. check out more about our CRM tools 

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OpenSource BPM

  • Open source Business process management (BPM) or work flow management tool offered by TeckZilla allows you to streamline all your business processes which further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Being dealing in Open source products and services we offer you with leading open source BPMN tool of the market. Read more about our BPM tool

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OpenSource DMS

  • Alfresco is one of the leading Open Source Document management system which help you to have proper collaboration of your Records, Document and web content. At TeckZilla we offer Enterprise Content management - (ECM) system implementation for your business using Open source Alfresco, Implemented by many organizations across the globe. Read more on Alfresco 

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We have propositions for everybody!

We offer you with one of the leading Open source product with our expertise which allows you to have freedom from Proprietary software and better control on your software cost. We offer the best methodology towards the implementation of Enterprise Resource Software for your organization.

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Good solutions for your business!

We at TeckZilla offer you with best suitable solutions for your business so weather its a Customer Relationship management tool, WorkFlow management Software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software. We allows you to have perfect implementation of Technology which will suits your organizations and Business needs.

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Solutions, that you need!

We at TeckZilla offers you with the solutions you needed to streamline your business processes. We offer with customized solutions as per your business weather you are in Trading, Manufacturing or into services - we offer you with leading open source software and tools to fullfuill your business needs and requirements. Some of our offerings include Implementation, customizations, Training & integration of OpenERP, ProcessMaker & vTiger solutions. 

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Clients choose us!

We offer best services towards the implementation of OpenERP, vTiger & ProcessMaker to our clients. Our Services Includes implementation of complete solution from server set-up till user training, Apart from this we also offer onsite development at client place. We also offer you with solutions that needs to be customize, or new module development. We also offers you with services on time and material basis or on fixed cost basis.

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Use our time to save your money!

We at TeckZilla offers you with the best Open source solutions which allows you to use the software as per your requirement and being Open source it allows you to reduce the cost of the tool. 

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